The Billingses.

Lillian has gotten so big so fast but still, SO petite!

Carter wanted so bad for her to walk to him and she’d act like it then every time she got close she’d pull her arms in and shake her head. “NO! NO! NO!” 🤣

That little curl is to die for! 😍

Look at these beautiful kids!!

Dear American Girl Doll Co., here is your new baby face. You’re welcome.

Lily throws some real shade, man. It’s the best. Like full on RBF, Resting BABY Face, duh. 😬😆

Standing on Mommy’s hope chest, laughing at Daddy out the window. 😍

The best part of her RBF is that she turns it off and on…

I love her!!


Y’all need to cool it on the pretty!!

What a ham!

Lady, puuuuhlease! 😭😆😭

Carter asked to get one last shot of himself on the railing before I left. 😍

Well, Merry Christmas, you perfect humans, you!! I wish I could have hung longer! It was fun having Lillian walk around arms up to me! If only I
wasn’t there to work! Let’s hang this winter when I can breathe again!! XOXO. Heart, Melanie

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