Merry Christmas 2019!

Merry Christmas Cyber Worllllld!

Just like the rest of the world, life is crazy. Is there such thing as anything else? NOPE. My clients graciously allowed me to move up their session an hr

so I had an hour of daylight when I got home for us to shoot our card this yr, because I realized we were already half way through December and we

won’t all be around in daylight together to shoot! We needed the backlighting and height freedom of outdoors! Since I realized as I was walking out the

door it a few hours before, it was a 100%, whatever you’re wearing is just fine, because I have no energy to care kind of situation. “Grab a hat and gloves,

cool, that works.” 🤣😬

So believe it or not, we really did all of this with the boys and just added Nori on top! We went out back and laid down a white sheet (to later be snow)

and sat on my parents sled. Nico used a barstool to climb on us, while Nori lifted up and stood behind the dragons to help them balance. Those two

couldn’t just stand still, they had to bounce, wiggle and yell! We had the tripod set up and Adam had a shutter release in his hand. After 5min of Nori

placing the boys back on us over and over as they continued to jump off, I said, JUST. ONE. PICTURE. PLEASE! STAND STILL, LEAN OUT AND

SMILE! Finally…they did. Their shoes digging into my shoulders did NOT feel awesome.

Nori stood on the top of 6ft ladder while I stood on a stool next to her with both hands bracing her ankle for one shot then a second shot of her

while I held her thigh in order to have two images to blend in photoshop to complete her leg without my hands stabilizing her. Then Adam and

I held her while she placed her foot on Nico’s shoulder while he stood on the barstool in order to get the correct pressure and shadows on him,

but most importantly scale and perspective of looking up at both of them. Adam patched those handful of images together then got found a nice

mountain background for us to sit upon.

The funniest part of the whole shot to me, is that I wasn’t aware Adam was “namaste-ing” it out during all the chaos. Which is 100% how we balance

each other in real life. I deal with all the crazy and he’s like, take a deep breath, it’s all good.

So ya. That’s how the magic happened! Next year we are committing to no photoshop. We already have a plan, which is simple and sweet and 👌🏻.

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed holiday. If you’ve actually read this and new around here, you can click on the category, “Christmas” to see

the years past! Heart, the Pace Circus

PS. You may notice the little doggie in our family logo is no longer there.  We lost Lilo over the summer. 😔

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