The Hengstebecks.

Give Grandma and Grandpa some LOOOOOVE! 😍

This joy was ignited and grew into the shapes of a whooooole lotta people over the last 57 YEARS!!

To be responsible for so much love! 😍😍😍

The OG Hengstebecks!

I love this!

Anne, on the leftt grew up with my oldest sister, Brittany.  So I’ve always known the family BUT the biggest reason I know Kathy was because

she was always doing something in the cafeteria at OLV for us growing up! I remember her smiling and being helpful and NOT one of the

other grumpy lunch ladies. Bahaha

You guys are adorbs!

The inlaws wanted to hang around for more pics. 🤣

It was so easy to have such a big group of people and everyone just look at me and smile when I told them to do so! I was like, I can’t remember

the last time I didn’t have to badly sing and jump around with an extended family to get the littles attention! But everyone is so grown!!

And also, shooting between the holidays in December, when we wake up we don’t know if it’ll be 19º or 60º, so we lucked out with great afternoon!

Nice to meet a lot of you and great to see the rest! I’m glad it worked out while you were all in town AND we had a good day for it! Thanks

for cooperating! Happy New Year! Heart, Melanie

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