Pace Circus 2019.

Over a couple months ago, I scheduled our family pics in a very short window of time we had on a packed day. It was THE ONLY opportunity we had to take

our yearly images before Christmas. We changed in the car and drove to a spot I knew I could get a silhouette in the time frame. No joke, we

rushed through the motions like old pros in 30º, got back in the car 15min later and changed back into sports attire to make it to the next game 10min

before start time. So is the Fall life schedule, am I right? It’s the worst. I don’t know a single person, with kids or not, that doesn’t run around like a

chicken with their heads cut off from August-December. DUMB.

I’ve been so jealous of all my clients over the years when I take all these fun silos for everyone BUT us. 🥴We are always squeezing in pictures at a location

easy for the rest of the day’s hustle.  I forced this non convenient spot in order to FINALLY get my people outlined on the horizon! YES. Getting it was a

bit hilarious as I was still wearing a boot with a very much busted ankle that I had to take off and painfully wear heels.🤮 Then getting to the spot and

setting up the tripod to use a shutter release while I prayed we got it because the camera was 50yards away and couldn’t check the LCD! It

all was nothing short of a sitcom. But alas, success!!

A fresh giant bowl of Halloween candy waiting in the car creates all the smiles.

Because, like all things in my life, I don’t have extra energy to plan outfits. Legit only sleeping 4 hours a night for these last few months gave me no

extra minutes to shop or CARE. 🤣 So I dug out 10 yr old skirt for myself with one of Ali’s shirts that’s evvvvery bit of 15 yrs old which combined

equaled the exact same outfit I wore the last time we had family portraits done by someone else EIGHT years ago. 😆 Whatever, it worked.

Along with the hot mess of Fall sports, photography, leading to holiday madness, it’s all their birthdays celebrated in December! The dragons turned

5 on New Years Eve. It’s mind-blowing. I don’t like it. Frankly, I don’t even want to talk about it.

Beavis and Butthead turned TEN (gassssp) and 8!

Nori was begging to take Mine and Adam’s pics so we moved the tripod set up, which was still to tall for her to even look through the view finder.

She was happy to hold the release and yell at her father for grabbing mommy’s butt. “DAAAAD STOOOOOP!”

I shared on instagram a video of me culling images and totally taken off guard when looking at them. We were in such a rush, plus my ankle pain and

the cold, I was snapping so fast I paid no attention to quick movements. Legit snap snap snap, “cool I’m sure I got something…next.”

It escalated to engagement portraits very quickly. Bahahaha.

What in the world is actually happening here? 😭😭

Last yr, Ari did this exact same dance in the middle of shooting. Legit same stance and pointed fingers. Now Ezra. Truly, they are the same brain.

They started dance class this year and they love it. 😍

They make me absolutely insane 90% of the time but I wish we could afford four more of them!

For each of the kids bday parties we make large prints of them to hang up. While I was down on the ground cutting apart images, Ari (gray) sat down

next to me and basically tried to convince me that he was Ezra in the “blue and white polka dots.” At first he was 100% serious which eventually turned

into him realizing he was being goofy. Must be so incredibly wild to look at an image and see your face twice!

Hottie light test on the right. 😘😘

I got a little carried away with contrast on this last silo. BAHAHAH. Oops. My work, I make the rules. 🤣The thing is, there were little clouds which

added no visual pleasure so, gone with them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, was there ever more of a visible representation of our personalities than this? Nico forever

and always a spaz. The twins think they’re super heroes most of the days. Adam pulling me in. Nori holding onto me because sometimes these boys are

so gross, we have to cling to one another. And her leg up in the air, which I never thought I’d spent SO MUCH TIME telling a person to stop doing leg

holds in public. Like it’s an epidemic. Her leg is in the air more than on the ground some days.🧐

Another year come and gone. Another intense 5 months barely survived. I woke up January 2nd like, YES. Finally time to work regular business hours again

and not have to be 7 different places today!🎉 So now we start home projects because isn’t that what winter is for?? Hope everyone enjoyed the minutes

between the crazy of the holidays! 💕 Halloween will be here before we know it!! 😒

Heart, the Pace Circus.

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