The Grillis.

It’s a Carmelina Rachele! A GIRL! She was a petite little thing, born on 12/17. Poor mama had some pre eclampsia drama that readmitted her

(thank God she listened to her body!) and then weather not cooperating made me wait 2.5 weeks to meet heeeer!!! But alas, this sweet face.

Natalie has waited so long to kiss her own baby! Now that she’s here I’m like, she’s perfect! Now you better hurry and crank out another one! 😬🤣


Oh hey there, baby!

Parenthood looks good on you two!

It’s funny to me that she’s crying and Natalie is smiling. She knew stressing out will help nothing.  Natalie has been shooting and soothing

infants for as long as me and screaming infants is just part of the job. 🤷🏼‍♀️When she didn’t want to settle in for quite some time, we were like,

PAUL THIS IS OUR LIFE. 🤣 This is why some newborn sessions take hourssssss. But THIS time, that baby was in THEIR bedroom!! I love it!

Pretty mama!!

And when it’s your own baby fussing…you can put her on your boob! BAHAHA. She certainly hasn’t had this option of soothing before! 🤣

Life imitating art. 😍 I moved stuff out of the frame and intentionally left the water bottle because omg, that is SO part of the story!

Nursing moms drag water bottles everywhere with them! I got in such a habit with Nori 10 yrs ago that I never stopped carrying one since!

She’s like, “dissss is niiiiice!”

110% smitten with this baby. Even when she’s just stunk up the room, they can’t get enough of her!😍

She was cycling through the motions but would only give us this little smirk.💕

Mandatory to get an image of the home you bring your baby home to! Thankful for warm winter days!

Well, it was nice to work with you. HAHA. It was quite wonderful having extra hands to help and understand exactly what I was trying to do.

I’m also glad, even though you took adorable studio portraits of her, you were wise enough to have me come and get you BOTH in the

portraits too! So important! Like I already said, I hope everything from now on is so super boring! You deserve relaxing slow time off work

and enjoying that long awaited beeb! Congrats again! Heart, Melanie

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