The Paces.

Some hotties up in hur.

CC broke the blue eyed mold with those pretty dark eyes!

Noly’s smirk!

“Tickle Erin!”

That escalated quickly.🤣🤣


Y’all still got it.

The best.

Right around this time, a car alarm sounded. Eric asked if it was their car, then it stopped almost immediately making us think it was someone’s by accident.

On the way home they realized Eric’s wallet was missing from their car. 😔 So PSA: 1. They were parked at the bottom of Bender Mountain in

the bigger Bender road lot, thieves must have used some sort of tool to get through the small distance the window was rolled down to open door. Also, how did

they turn off the alarm?  2. Don’t leave your damn valuables in the carrrrrrr. 3. The jerks went straight to target and racked up a thousand on each card he had. 🤮

My 9yo neighbor was watching over my shoulder as I edited this image. I heard her mumble, “wait, what?” I looked at her and with a vey confused

look says, “That doesn’t really look like you?” I laughed and said, “You know Adam has an identical twin, right?” “Ohhhh yaaaaa, I wondered who

those kids were too?!” Bahahahahha. 🧐🧐

Paxman looks like one of those blow up flapping dudes in a parking lot for a business Grand Opening. 🤣

I wish I could remember what Popeye Pax was saying.

Eric’s full smile for the win!!

This is Eric getting yelled at for throwing a big rock RIGHT after she yelled at the boys for doing it. 😆

Glad we had a pretty morning to play and sweat ! Sessions are almost to the “not stress” point! Yay! The kids are growing up!

Happy  birthday to all three of you little Paces! It was nice to finally hang out again! Love you guys. Heart, Aunt Mel.

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