Mr & Mrs Meyer!

To say this day wasn’t exactly what she dreamed of is putting it lightly, BUT it was still mixed with all sorts of little magical moments same as it will

be next year when they have their BIG wedding.


All sorts of emotions all my 2020 brides are going through this year. The excitement of engagement/planning, soon crippled by worry and stress of the new

virus, leading to uncertainty and ultimately big decisions being made. It’s all so awful and out of our control. Casey and Zach hung on til the last minute of spring

before rescheduling to later summer to then ultimately rescheduling to next year. SIGH.  Feeling defeated after this wedding was a decade in the making,

they last minute decided to carry on with their immediate families on the original date in Casey’s childhood backyard! Lynn (MOB) did an excellent

job of pulling all sorts of details together on her own while keeping it all a surprise for the bride and groom! Countless hours of HARDWORK in the yard

while they prepared something special for their baby. WELL DONE Mama and Papa Bear!!

Mr & Mrs Meyer!

Washed down the tidbits of stress remaining with some Fireball. 🤣🤣

Zach proposed last year at a Red’s game and then the Johnsons created this mascot bush for the wedding! Hilarious!

Love this! They completely renovated the gazebo, then hung all the twinkle lights and a chandelier as part of the surprise too! It was so pretty all lit up in the background!

Y’all clean up well!!

Recreating their prom pic from 2011 in front of the gazebo.🥰


*Talking through her teeth, warning him not to do it through that smile*🤣

Everyone 100% knew that was coming regardless of her threats against him. 😬

“Oops. Got-ya back.”

Going on 31yrs!


They got down for a hot second.

Girl, YOU’RE MARRIED! Sorry for all the additional stress you guys went through the last few months!! This is such a STRANGE time we are

living through right now. Though you looked beautiful as ever in your romper, I can’t wait to see you in your actual wedding dress next year! It’s been such

a joy watching you grow up and getting to capture your (1st🤣) wedding was fun, can’t imagine what next year will be like! There’s not as much excitement in

 intimate weddings, but the simple joy and one on one time for everyone is so special! I’m glad you still did this! Great to see you all! Thanks for dinner! Heart, Melanie.

And because memories!! This is after a random soccer practice 12 yrs ago. You’re welcome. 🤣🤣Bonus! I have that walrus toothed gal in the green’s wedding

in the fall too!😍 I love having all my girls in my life still!🙌🏼 Also, fun fact, the two “responsible adults” on the ends have had 7 of our own kids since raising these bebes!


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