The Roses.

Last time I saw Ethan, he was fresh out of the womb! Now he’s 2!


He had no interest in laying down and cuddling. He just wanted to see what I was doing behind him. Kept popping up and laughing like, I SEE YOU!

The two kids laughing at each other!😍

Every time Chelsea laid him down, he cracked up and immediately stood up and ran. 🤣

Funny how they both gave me soft smiles, immediately followed by big smiles!

What fun is swinging if you’re not hurling yourself upside down!

Those wild backlit curls!

Tossing the dirt was his jam and he looks so sweet and innocent in front of the flowers, HOWEVER, he’s laughing cause I kept yelling,


Sweet summa-time!

I loved the energy the kids had! They were so amusing to watch! And I especially love Analia’s farewell to me, “you can come back any time you

want!” So stinkin sweet! Thanks friend! Heart, Melanie

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