The Kirchners

They wanted Mommy’s make up too!

We were playing a game and the intensity of Evelyn’s laughter was 😍😍!

I didn’t have much space to back up and with my prime lens, they were moving so fast in and out of my frame I couldn’t keep up! Hysterical.

Also, Ingrid’s knee to face! OUCH!

This is where it’s at! 😍

Ingrid doing the solid sister move of “LOOK AT THE CAMERA EVIE!”

Krissi and John have done such a wonderful job of making their home into a learning environment for their kids. So much Montessori interaction on top of their

gardening and every day practical learning the kids are doing without evening realizing. I love it!

That whale spout curl!

Both girls were professional brow curlers. 😍

Evie hopped on like, I wanna sit with Mommy too!🤣

Your new home was so lovely, I was glad to come capture some fun in it! Thanks for having me! It’s always nice to catch up!

Heart, Melanie

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