mr. & mrs. thurman

this wedding was fabulous. so fabulous we have to post 2 blogs. this one is everything BUT the details. those coming soon…

brittany and her identical twin bethany.
zack and his dad are very close, it’s really cute.

we love a trusting bride before the ceremony.:)
brittany and zack’s e sesh was in the woods because they are “woodsy people.” it was only appropriate to get married there as well.
just before the walk down. super cute.
i wish foot washing would make a come back to all weddings. it adds a certain type of intimacy that you don’t see in a typical ceremony.
this couple is passionate about everything they do. the entire ceremony was so spiritual and moving. not a word was spoken by anyone, that wasn’t directly from the heart. their personalized vows were especially touching for the entire crowd.
after the ceremony they hung out at the end of the isle to hear the rest of the song play out. worked out well for us;)
remember ashley? turns out she has an amazing voice too!
this was actually a different dock than brittany was on earlier. they were so picturesque, we had to use them A LOT!;)
their fav pic from the e sesh was just their barefeet. when i asked them to take off their shoes, it took them

.5 seconds they were so excited to stick their feet in the cool water. thank you, cause this shot is rad.:)


you guys are one of those couple who i just know will be together forever. and ever. you’re love for each other, Christ, and  life is contagious. people can’t help but be happy around you because you are just so sweet and innocent. i really felt it while i spent the day with britt and beth, such a joy to be around! thanks for welcoming us to your small hometown of shelby, OH!:)

heart, melanie and adam.

…details coming soon!

  • luci - FABULOUS, INDEED!

  • L - i don’t even know where to start! i’ve been trying to pick a ‘favorite’, but that may be impossible with this set! can’t wait for the details [and hopefully more shots!] :)

  • bethany - You GUYS! The only way I know to adequately thank you for capturing her wedding so perfectly is to tell everyone I know about you. Consider it done.

  • brenda - sweet simplicity to this wedding. looked lovely and you captured it beautifully. so many shots i could comment on. nicely done.

  • mrs thurman - MELANIE! ADAM! amazing. you captured our day just the way we imagined! no, it was way better than we imagined. thank you so much. thank you SO MUCH! can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  • sarah a - amazing job. I loved every single shot. and you made me want to stalk these sweet people and make them be my friends lol

  • Danielle - These are awesome!!!! I LOVE the dock shots!!!!! You all really captured their love, it just oozes through in the pictures. The ones of the ceremony are precious too! Awesome!

  • Kelly May - These are absolutely stunning, looking forward to seeing the 2nd post!

  • jackie - beautiful. just lovely. one of my all-time fave wedding images of yours. well done!

  • Kelly - Wow what a cute couple!! This wedding looks like so much fun and they look like they could be my best friends :) You would have never known the emotional hell you were going through that day. Amazing job! Can’t wait to see more :)

  • Meg Rigano - Wow, Brittany Thurman and her wedding. How wonderful!

  • Joe.A. - The photo of just their feet walking from the pier…that photo is a plate full of BOOM covered in BOOMsauce! (my favorite photo on this blog yet!).

  • Gail - Her dress — man, if I could do my wedding again, it’d be in a dress like that!

    As I was scrolling down, I thought, This wedding reminds me of Jess’s sister! And here she was singing in it! Great taste from that crew :)

  • Hattie - Oh, my soul. I have been checking and waiting for this post since I saw the engagement session. Incredible. Seriously. I’m not sure if it’s just the love I have for Brittany, but I felt the adoration pouring out of these photos. You surely found a wonderful way to portray the poetry of that beautiful day. Brittany–most stunning bride ever.

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