leaving her legacy in books…

i can’t believe it’s already february. holy. cow. in less than a couple weeks we’re having the book fair, another opportunity to do some good

in my sister’s name. 🙂 readers hideaway has decided to extend the event to two days for the folks who won’t be able to make it on monday.

you can see on the flyer below the dates, time and location. i’ve seen a bunch of their books and they have a great selection of

top quality for CHEAP prices! though the books can make great gifts, you don’t even have to buy them for yourself, you can just pick

some out to donate. our top priorities are the schools/libraries where she personally attended and worked. this is our first opportunity,

but we plan on gathering and donating all year long. i’d love for this to become so big that we can donate to many more places,

across the tristate. also, there will be plenty of labels, so if you would like to add a label to the books you purchased for yourself,

then you are welcome to. just another reminder to live our lives selflessly every time we open up the book and see her name.

here is the label adam designed to be placed inside. (LOVE IT!!)

i decided to show it off in one of ali’s favorite books i have here at home, “silverlicious.”


some of you have also asked about dropping off NEW books to be donated as well. i know some people have connections within

their own work and that’s great, you are welcome to drop those off and we will see they are placed somewhere in her name. just make sure

they are kept separately and are given to someone within our family or close friends. i don’t want readers hideaway to have to worry about

books other than what they are selling! we encourage you to buy all books at that fair because the prices will be

much more discounted than in stores. hope to see you there!

heart, melanie

ps. if you are out of town, you can always mail a check to me PAYABLE TO READERS HIDEAWAY, and i will donate books for you!

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