nico 2-3 months.

these are a bunch of random photos i’ve taken over the last month.  i’ve been lazy busy and haven’t updated this blog in awhile. sorry! i have, however, been updating the rockpink site quite a bit! i’m not sure how i’m going to keep all 3 blogs up (birth photo included) once busy season starts! those bloggers out there know it takes a lot of time to post, especially when i have to write. sheesh. anywho…

ali gave me this outfit for nico the last day we hung out. of course, it’s a zulily purchase! i love it!!!

belly time is fun, but chewing my hand is more enjoyable.

this is what happens when i try and take pics of nico while nori is awake. JEALOUSY. she wouldn’t leave him alone!! poor girl hardly gets any

attention these days! bahahahahah. YAH RIGHT.

finally had some decent light in the house amongst all these gloomy days. hello handsome boy!man i love your little face.

my children have big eyes, this is an obvious fact. and often i can see the white ABOVE the iris, which is  impressive.

babble babble babble. i forgot how much i love the cooooooo’s.

so far this is my favorite ‘nico image’ since he was born. “imma just chillixan here. no big deal. i’m a big boy.”

the little snot wouldn’t hold still. he kept rolling over almost as soon as i got him up. and when i’m shooting alone, having to jump back to

the camera, focus and snap before he rolls…let’s just say it’s a challenge. but look at meeeee i can rollllll! weeeee!

 because everyone either thinks he looks JUST like nori, or nothing like her, here is a comparison. except nori is 6mths here, which is

appropriate since his stats are currently hers at that time.

both kids passed out on me a couple hrs ago. they are both starting to stir, so i must enjoy the few minutes til the lovely chaos starts back up! 🙂

heart, melanie

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