a miracle: nora rose

this birth was unlike any i’ve ever attended…click the image and see why.God bless. heart, melanie.

  • Tracy - Kate is an old friend of mine and a sweet person. I found ths picture through her blog and had no idea it was you who took it I am one of the nurses in columbus who knew and fell in love with your sister, her husband, and their daughter. Yes, I still remember all of their names and pray for them often. What wonderful people you and your family are. I can’t imagine a better person than you to document something so beautifully full of love and yet so bittersweet.

    May God continue to fill your heart with the seemingly endless compassion and love that shines through your photos.

  • The Koesters. » loft3 photography - […] contact in college. (Lame)  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to rekindle and get to know the rest of the gang since shooting Nora’s birth […]

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