nico, nori & nolan!

So I’ve had two sessions this week postponed. Since my babysitter decided college and her future are more important than my children, I’m

embracing the extra time in office with my children pulling on my skirt demanding my attention. I had taken Nico’s monthly pic which Nori

typically demands to be a part of and I just had to share their sweetness. How are we so blessed to have such beautiful children??

Of course since Nico is nakie, Nori has to be too. Jealous much? They are really REALLY loving playing together now. It’s kind of like why

people buy a second dog, to entertain the other one all day. Well I’m glad I have two tiny humans to play while I pretend to accomplish

things while they are home. I haven’t weighed them recently but I’m certain he’s passed her. They were only 2 lbs different 5 wks ago.

Since he now eats his own dinner THEN FINISHES hers, he’s breaking my back.

My handsome little wrecking ball is 9 mths, y’all! He for sure is painfully cute and INTO everything. He moves a mile a minute and we

can barely keep up. The best part is his little personality blooming through his deviance. He just claps and laughs as I scream

NOOOOOOOO NICOOOOOO 800 times an hour. He cruises around furniture so fast and starting to free stand which means only bad

news for mommy, sooner than later. But seriously, how can you get mad at this face?

He’s laughing and dancing to Nori singing him songs. He feeds off Nori’s laughter. My heart just melts when they laugh together. Especially

when they giggle and chase each other. I can’t handle it!

Just after the frame on the left, his excitement landed him on his back in the weeds. I sat him up and he clapped at himself and tried

to do it again. Total boy.

I also got to spend some of my freed up afternoon with my Godson, Nolan! He’s growing, but he still seems so teeny next to my giant baby.

Hello cutie!
Three months already!

Us Paces sure make some adorable kids.:)That is all. Heart, Melanie.

  • Leah - Agreed. Beautiful babies!!! And I tell Seth all the time that I birthed a playmate for him when he’s extra bored and by my side all day! :) love the sibling closeness.

  • Erin - soo cute!! I really like the first one of Nori and Nico (I may need a copy of that for the house) and the one of Nolan on his belly! Great job as always :)

  • Luci - Love it

  • Karianne - Adorable! I love all the pictures!

  • brenda - yea, those sure are some cuties! love it!

  • Stephanie Lyell - You sure do-what beautiful, sweet kiddos :)

  • L - a-greed!!
    i hope my future children are half that beautiful ;)
    beautiful shots per usual <3

  • joe. - you caught nolan awake!!! SCORE!

    nice is looking very studly!

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