The Smiths & lil bit o’ McCoys!

I had the pleasure of meeting this cute little guy last weekend. His mommy and her sisters have been life long friends of mine.

Hello Abram!
I feel like more of my newborn sessions than not, the baby is awake the whole time. Bright eyed newborns are cute, but are so not thrilled

to be moved around all the time. Makes my job more exciting! And I always get to sneak in some cuddling to soothe the tears.:)

LOVE this Matt!

Lori looks so amazing that I’m questioning that she even carried/birthed this baby.

Big bro Connor is too sweet with Abe.

Someone is admiring their mama!

THREE WEEKS old and he was flinging himself around like he was 2mths. Little stink kept trying to sit up. Seriously??

Cousin Landon stopped by to get a couple 6mth pics taken. These shots were seconds apart. Hilarious.

How freakin cute is he?

It took zero effort to make him laugh. Look at the toofers!

As always, it was great to see you girls and your families! Heart, Melanie.

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