the johnsons.

I plan my sessions around the sun’s schedule because it’s a pain in the butt to have to fight with the light during a session. So when the

light should be ideal annnnd it’s dark and gloomy, I’m totally bummed. Thankfully I can crank my ISO and embrace the grain, which

is what I had to do this day. I started with big bro Ben who was all about being goofy.


Ellie is such a sweet, calm 5mth old.

Yes, I know…I said the same thing. “OMYGOOSH look at that hair!!” Hilarious isn’t it? Apparently she came out with that hairstyle!

That little cherub face and pouty lips! I can’t handle it!

She is just a little dollbaby.


Most the babes in my family have wonky toes. I can totally appreciate her feet.

I love how Ben is so sweetly looking at Mommy.

Thanks for having me Tricia and Eric! You have a darling family! Heart, Melanie.

  • lauren c. - super cute. :) nice job you guys!!

  • emily - omgoodness that bebe! LOVE the cheeks! gah! and the 4th picture down where everyone else is laughing and she’s like “WTF??”…heh amazeballs. but the hair steals the show, hands down.

  • Jes - Oh my word that baby is kawaii! That is the most adorable little face and that hair is so bada$$! I want my babies to have hair like that!

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