jes & jason.

Jes and Jason met us in a parking lot so they could hop in the Mothership and drive around like we usually do for sessions. Amongst their

clothes, she had a cutely wrapped box stuffed with all sorts of Japanese candy in it for me. 🙂  They are currently living over there

while Jason is serving in the US Army. They planned this session aaages ago when she knew they’d be in the states for a wedding. Thank

the heavens the weather cooperated! Thanks for the goodies! YUM.

The session was a bit of a 5yr anniversary gift to themselves. Great idea!

“Go over there and do something fun on my 3 count.” Good job.

I know Jessica was excited about us using the light with them. The sun cooperated and we love when that happens!

Bet you can’t tell it was almost pitch black here. 🙂


Even though this was completely torture for you, Jason, you have to smile when you see these images! I’m glad I was finally able to meet

you, my internet friend! Thanks for sharing some of your precious visiting time here with us! Arigatou gozaimasu! (I looked that up just

for you 😉 ) Heart, Melanie and Adam.

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