the yuskos.

If you don’t know who this precious little babe is, than you are missing out, she’s kind of a big deal. Nora Rose, is living proof that miracles

do happen. You might remember her from her birth story that spread all over social media. Why? Because this little angel is beating the

odds one heart beat at a time. If you haven’t read the story or watched the slideshow, I encourage you too. It’s incredibly moving and full of

raw emotion. And now 5 1/2 months later, her beautiful face continues to speak volumes on the true testament of faith.

I love that look William is giving Aleisa. Admiration at it’s best.

Nora was beating up Greta and Gavin.

There were many-a-days that Aleisa dreamt of this moment. The beauty of it, is that she was never for certain it would happen. And it HAS.

Even when days are long, exhausting and uncertain of the future, they are able to laugh together. I’m so glad they have their witty humor to

brighten the “what if” days.

And she returns the look of admiration to her husband. Gorgeous.

Some days it’s hard for Nora to be comfortable for whatever the reason. When they established she is part mermaid, “baffs” have broken up

days of fussiness. It is an instant mood changer.

The kids are so sweet to her.

What a perfect family!

“I will carry you” was the original theme for Aleisa’s blog about saying yes to a pregnancy with poor prognosis. She continues to write

updates almost daily about this journey of unconditional love. There is also a fb page that has quite the following.

Like I’ve said a million times before, your faith is so admirable. In just the couple hrs I was there, I even had moments of panic set in

when it was just Nora and I. Each little fuss leads you to stress wondering if it is something bigger wrong.  It’s not like, “oh, she just needs

to poop.” It’s, “OHMYGOD why hasn’t she pooped in 2 days, something must be wrong. What’s happening?! Oh God is her body still

functioning ok?!!” Then she lets a poop shark or 3 loose in the tub, and she’s fine. And things are “normal” again. And then something

else happens and the panic sets back in. I don’t know how they do it and still remain calm, friendly and patient throughout the day.

It’s remarkable they aren’t on edge every second of their lives. Talk about walking by faith. Keep leading by example y’all. You have

already given hope to so many and plenty more in the days ahead. XOXO x’s 10. It was so good to see you! Heart, Melanie.

  • Jessica - that 1st family shot outside is my favorite family photo of all time!

  • Kelly - WOW Mel these are priceless!! So glad you have been able to capture such precious memories for them. You are amazing 🙂

  • Lindi Riffe - What an incredible story! So proud that my daughter shares her name:)

  • Elizabeth - Beautiful!!!

  • Stephanie Lyell - Melanie-these are beautiful. What a beautiful family, and a beautiful story of love and faith. I loved the photos of bath time…so sweet and intimate.

  • Jen O. - Beautiful, Melanie. Love these.

  • Lauren - Melt my heart. These are beautiful. I LOVE, love… and it’s just oozing in these pictures!

  • Luci - So much love to the Yusko family. Incredible pictures and they show so much love. You truly are an amazing family!!!

  • Sarah - Those bath pictures are just precious!! The love is so incredible. Only you could capture so perfectly 🙂

  • Janet - Love, love, love these pictures and this family for sharing their story!

  • Fran - Thanks, Mel! I have been following this blog ever since Nora’s birth. It is amazing to me to witness such faith and honesty. It is a true testiment of the uncertain we all face and the amazing grace the Yusko family has!! Nora you are teaching the world!!!

  • NolaConnick - Been following your story since Nora was a few days old. Y’all are an absolute inspiration. She is a doll. Your family is amazing. Life is precious. God is love. Prayers for y’all. XOXO <3

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  • Rebecca - Melanie – I stumbled upon your website on pinterest a while ago, saw the photos of Aleisa and family, and then started following her blog – and praying for the entire family. THANK YOU for the beautiful moments you have captured of them. Your work is gorgeous and knowing the story of Nora just makes them all the more breathtaking!

  • Laurel - these are great images. Hard to tell from the blog pics but in the family pic here – whoa the older two are practically spitting images of their mom and dad. beautiful family. What a gift from God that Nora continues to do so well!!

  • Karen - All Is blessed and beautiful. Thank you for your gift of capturing this miraculous family in full artistry. God works. Faith works. Thank you all.

  • Tessica - Tears are streaming down my face as I look at these incredible pictures. You captured their love perfectly. I follow Nora’s blog and thank God for what He is doing through this miracle baby girl. So inspiring!!

  • betsy - So incredibly precious.

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