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Jes & Jason

Happy TEN years to Jes and Jason! We got together downtown before they journey around the US and Canada for weeks before settling in at their next Army base. “Just act normal.” I shot them a handful of years ago and Jason was soView full post »

The Dyes.

This sweet little baby face was only 6 days old when I met him!  Henry was alert and looking around like he was 3 months old! How bout this hot mama! Danielle, motherhood looks wonderful on you! Stop it with that cute face! He was loving theView full post »


Gorgeous day with awesome light and a beautiful girl. What more can a photographer ask for? Fall leaves look best with sun on them which makes it hard for the client in direct light. I appreciate when they can tolerate the blinding sunView full post »

Mr & Mrs Kladakis!

What a fun way to end our year with Amanda and John! Nori sat next to me as I processed these images and she said, “Wow! That bride is really pretty! I like that her dress comes up around her neck! She looks so happy!” I said,View full post »


Almost exactly a month ago, we finished shooting the wedding in the Roman Baths and walked back to our hotel after 1am. We uploaded, backed up, posted some images for the couple and closed our eyes for a few winks. Bright and early we rode aView full post »

Stephanie & Kooper.

This little love story started at Duebbers, yes, the gas station/service center, if you’re a Westsider. Stephanie is part of the Duebber family and worked between the shop and store, which is how she met Kooper, who also was an employee.View full post »

The Dotzauers.

This session! Sheesh. Heather planned for her family to join in their annual portraits while everyone was in town. It was a rainy day, but they wanted to try since the radar said it may clear. They drove 90 min (!!) and met me at a park where weView full post »

The Jacksons.

Six years ago, we shot this lovely couple’s wedding. Jenny hung out in the art dept through college with us,  leaving a lasting friendship. Even if that’s mostly on social media, at least we can still keep up? She’s always beenView full post »