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The Grays.

While I’ve photographed all of these beautiful people at some point through one of Chris and Luci’s life events, I’ve never actually shot they individual families! And since their wedding, I haven’t done a group shot, notView full post »

The Klares.

Lifestyle sessions are the best. They are even better when it’s a family who I consider my family. Luci and Chris are my nearest and dearest friends and I’m so thrilled they were down for my idea. “I come over, you live life, IView full post »


And then I turned 30. And it was super fun. I’ve always wanted to be older than I am. (I just deleted 3 large paragraphs about my struggle with growing up and not fitting in. It sounded way too “woe is me” and I didn’t likeView full post »

The Klares.

My favorite family that isn’t really my family but feels like they should be my family so I call them my family anyway. You know them. The Klares and Loft3 go way back. I blog about them so much they even have their very own category! AView full post »