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The Cowells.

We’re having a baby in less than a month!!! Ok, I loosely used the word “we” here but if you know us, then you get what I’m saying. We’re giddy with the feeling Grandparents must have when a new baby is coming.View full post »

The Farnhams.

Guess who has a little brother on the way! Or maybe I should say, “chicken nugget” as she so sweetly calls him! “Kiss her, DAD!” Clearly, Gwen was giving him no choice. 😆 Love those curves, Mama! The emerald is soView full post »

The Reids.

Looks like the timer has popped and the bun in the oven is almost done! Side note. I love when belly buttons pop in pregnancy! I like to imagine the baby on the other side pushing it and pushing it and then one day the belly button gives  and theView full post »

The Jeans.

This adorable family of 3 is soon to be 4! And the little “ladybug” is a she! EEEK! Lewis is never shy around me but this evening he just uninterested in me following him around. :0 But then he remembered the fun we have! No, buddy,View full post »

The Ryans.

I feel like more often than not couples share stories of loss and heartbreak with me concerning having a baby. Jessica and Tim’s maternity session was so much more special because of the work that it took them to get here. I know seeingView full post »

The Vandemarks

My favorite part of winter is to see all the bare trees silhouetted in the sky. Especially in the sunset, but on a gray day, a clear sky looks just as cool. Put a preggie in that mix and YESSS! <3 <3 Oh, hey gorgeous!! I love greenView full post »

The Wilsons.

What is up with the intense morning fog recently? I came straight from coaching where the light was gorgeous and I could barely see the fog. Mario Manningham – Michigan Wolverines Once I arrived downtown, it was freezing and SO foggy. ButView full post »

The Denos.

This is so exciting for me to type because I finally get to change “Laura & Craig” to “The Denos,” which means they’ve switched into my “family” category! What what!! A journey that was long andView full post »