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The Paces.

Sunflares are sexy, especially when it works out to get the right (flattering) angle with the right lens and a full rainbow can be achieved. Shooting directly into the sun is tricky, so I was pretty excited when I realized I could make this work!View full post »

Nico’s 5th birthday photobooth

We set the bar preeeetty low around here for birthdays and keep parties to only our immediate families, BUT the 1st and 5th are kinda big deal. As in, we invite a few friends into the crazy and for their 5th, we have a photobooth. ray ban femmeView full post »

The Paces.

A session just in time for all their birthdays as Charlee to turns 1, Nolan 4 and Pax 6. Too old, too fast. Erin found some private property I haven’t trespassed on in downtown, a rare occasion for me. :0 How big are you, CC? EntertainingView full post »

The Paces.

Itty bitty teeny tiny tootsies. For being only 6 days old, Charlee Christine was nice and alert! She’s a pretty little thing, isn’t she? So fun to have a girl with all this hair! You catch an adult blinking and they look silly, youView full post »


To see Charlee’s birth, click HERE. Congrats to Aunt E and Uncle Eric! Heart, MelanieView full post »

Paxton & Nolan.

I did a quick mini sesh of my nephews a couple weeks ago,  they’re the cutest little dudes. Heart, AdamView full post »

HBD to Nico & Nori!

I don’t know how, but this girl just turned FOUR and this boy just turned TWO?! WHAT? My threenager is no longer. She’s still rotten, but sweet. Driving me batty, but knows exactly when Mama needs a hug. Often too smart and getsView full post »


And then I turned 30. And it was super fun. I’ve always wanted to be older than I am. (I just deleted 3 large paragraphs about my struggle with growing up and not fitting in. It sounded way too “woe is me” and I didn’t likeView full post »