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The Schweitzers.

Maggie and Kyle had a baby girl! News of this was startling to many as Maggie isn’t very vocal on social media so most didn’t even know she was pregnant much less HAD the baby! 🤣 I was metering the room and these two boys keptView full post »

The Days.

Looks like Adam and Pierson are outnumbered by the laaaaadiesss!! Little bird, Maia, made Lillian a big sister! She’s thrilled! Lil couldn’t stop touching her. 😍 I was taking the above image and totally focused in on Maia.View full post »

The Merkels.

Natalie is a big sister! Jillian arrived a couple weeks ago! Natalie didn’t want me to take her picture so Daddy had to chase her around to get her to come back to us, whiiiich subsequently created good memories. 😍 We were on aView full post »

The Congers.

This cute little blue eyed guy just became a big bro a couple weeks ago! While Graham was filling up his tank, Wyatt and I shared some laughs in his cool super hero room. 😍😍 Wyatt is so concerned and gentle with Graham. HeView full post »

The Jaspers.

Alexander became a big brother! On gray winter days, I spend a lot of time close to the windows. 😍 Andrew had a bit of a rough start. From a very quick delivery, a double cord wrap, resuscitation!, clean break through clavicle, highView full post »

The Freys.

Pretty exciting for Ethan, as a one year old, to get a baby brother to play with! The next couple years may be a little crazy but soon enough they’ll be trusted to play alone together! Probably. Maybe.🤣 Ethan is superView full post »

The Billings.

Little baby smirks! I don’t think Rashee fully understands yet how this little girl is going to rule his world. 🙂 Born the week before Christmas, it seemed fitting to put her under the tree. 🙂 That tiny little tush! She’s soView full post »

The Cheathams.

Who doesn’t love a naked baby in a Christmas hat in front of twinkle lights? Crew turned 4wks old so we celebrated in their beautiful home with all their fun Christmas decor. The canvas is one of our shots from their wedding on which theyView full post »