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The Koesters.

I met Emily when we were 13 (the pretty blonde in the blue dress) in art class. Our friendship stregnthened through HS but we lost contact in college. (Lame)  Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to rekindle and get to know the rest of the gangView full post »

the yuskos.

If you don’t know who this precious little babe is, than you are missing out, she’s kind of a big deal. Nora Rose, is living proof that miracles do happen. You might remember her from her birth story that spread all over social media.View full post »

a dream come true.

seems as though everyone knows about this little miracle baby by now.  her story have gone viral over the last week and she’s touched more lives in the last 6 days then aleisa could have ever imagined. ever. kelly and i needed to get aView full post »

a miracle: nora rose

this birth was unlike any i’ve ever attended…click the image and see why.God bless. heart, melanie.View full post »