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Halloween 2009-2018

Because everyone is always asking how to see all the Halloween costumes in one place. Here’s the group shot each year. You can always go to the Category option in tabs and choose “Halloween” to see all our closeView full post »

The Smiths.

***With server issues constantly crashing our blog, they lost a lot of my blog entries soooo I’m re uploading images to share but unfortunately don’t have the many many hours to go back in and write with them. Sorry, friends!*** Heart,View full post »

The Paces.

We spent a (really hot) second at the park before dinner a couple weeks ago with the “other Paces”. So much pretty! <3 Love this! When sibs have polar opposite eyes! Woah. Adam kept our kids in the car till I was ready, withView full post »

Christmas 2017.

Merry Christmas, y’all! PHOTO HUNT!!  I changed TEN details in the card. If you still have your hard copy, it may be easier to play with that. If not the scroll back and forth between the next two images! As always, some behind the scenesView full post »

Three. Three. Six. Eight.

Another year around the sun, flown by. With the holidays come 4 cute little kiddies birthdays. The first weekend in December, for my whole life, we go hunt down Aunt Dale’s Christmas tree out at Whitetail Farm in Brookville, IN. It alsoView full post »

The Frimmings.

The twinbots are two! Well, in a few days! Can you guys believe you’ve been at this parenting thing for 2 yrs!! Goofy girls! The sun was out in the beginning and the kids were happy as can be! It wasn’t so terrible but then it wentView full post »

Halloween 2017.

Since Nico was 3, with his hair and wild personality, everyone has been saying he should be Peter Pan for Halloween. Each year we’ve had an idea that was more fitting but finally this year he got his wish! We knew right away we didn’tView full post »

The Smiths.

We enjoyed a sunny and warm fall day at the park with kids when we thought it was going to be a chilly fall night! Nope! 81′ at sunset. GAH! They were, of course, throwing leaves everywhere and I couldn’t help but want a close up ofView full post »