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Katlin & Hunter.

 They brought their kids along for the first 10 min. 💕 Katlin’s grandma’s house is through the woods in her mom’s backyard. She has this massive and majestic little paradise back there! She does alllll the work byView full post »

Gina & Josh.

These two hotties on a gorgeous spring day!!! It was so lovely! Well, minus the clusters of allll the people around the blossomed trees taking selfies.  Definitely could have done without that. 🙄 They brought their children along, who wereView full post »

The Whalens.

***With server issues constantly crashing our blog, they lost a lot of my blog entries soooo I’m re uploading images to share but unfortunately don’t have the many many hours to go back in and write with them. Sorry, friends!*** Heart,View full post »

Sally & Nick.

Sally and Nick are getting married this fall! It’s been a long time coming and I know it’ll be worth the wait! That look you’re giving Nick…smokin. “Come on, this is only as awkward as you make it.” EveryoneView full post »

Hannah & Austin.

It was a cold morning but thankfully the sun was helpful in keeping us mostly comfortable! It’s always fun to see the differences in the height of the sun along with lens choice to play with sun flares. We started with some family snugglingView full post »

Natalie & Paul.

Natalie and Paul got engaged a few months ago and I was so honored when she contacted me to shoot some engagement pics for them! She knows a plethora of photogs, as she’s a very well established local photog, herself! She wanted me to comeView full post »

Sadie & Rashee.

I find myself in this weird space in time right now. I’m getting older but still feel the same age as I once was coaching my girls year round for yearsss. And now here THEY ARE older than I was then and getting maaaarrrrrieed. My brain isView full post »

Bridget & Brendan.

This cute couple is getting married next spring, so we decided Fall was a perfect time to shoot their engagement session! Cincinnati is doing a rad job of repainting all the bright walls downtown. This cute little pink number went beautifullyView full post »