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HBD Nico!

His year in pictures… And finally, he is 1! He’s obsessed with climbing on top of tables and stools. He’s always quick to look at me with this, “mom did you see what I just did, aren’t you proud?” grin. ThenView full post »

the pughs.

We started off doing what little boys do best, running! What a good looking family! I was so lucky to shoot the birth of sweet little caleb a year and a half ago. What a charmer he is! Austin was searching for adventure, while I wasView full post »

the harrisons.

Stella is a fresh one year old. It’s been so much fun watching her and Nico grow, as their bdays are only 10 days apart. Brenda and I often discuss the mischievous things they are doing and laugh with each other through the times when theyView full post »

the carles.

I’ve photographed this family so many times it hurts my brain to add up how many. With the addition of Ryder, who is more crazy than either of his brothers, it took some effort to keep them happy and entertained. You’d think after 8View full post »

the smiths.

It was my pleasure to capture Kelly’s first ever family session. Kelly is my better half of a business partner over at Beautiful Beginnings. Corbin is 2.5 yrs and full of boy energy. Rylan, who I had the pleasure of meeting as he wasView full post »

the speeds.

Sweet Stella turns 3 this Christmas! I run into this problem all the time with family sessions. My preferable time to shoot this time of year, is also often nap time.  Stella wasn’t my biggest fan because of this UNLESS my camera wasView full post »

the donovans.

Two of my favorite rambunctious little boys. The obligatory laying in the leaves fall shot. 😀 Their life story in one still frame. Still looking just as hot as you did when you two fell in love. I love your happiness here, Jess. You’reView full post »

oliver nolan.

To see Oliver’s birth, click on his teeny toes! Heart, Melanie.View full post »