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Yearsss ago, Nonni gave Brittany, Ali and I (so many of her gifts have always come in 3’s since childhood) these snowman kits for Christmas. It’s always sat at our fireplace sealed, until this year! I walked in from a session a fewView full post »

Merry Christmas 2013!

We like to dress up around here, this is no secret. We take holidays seriously. Coming up with a vision and agreeing on it, is the hardest part.  Once we agree, then it’s finding the time to execute. You know it’s hella impossible forView full post »

The Nunerys.

After multiple tries at getting some 3yr pics of Olivia, Uncle Ben had a brilliant idea. Probably the best idea he’s ever had since knowing me. (Other than painting their bathroom a bold color against my sister’s wishes.) He asked meView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Bautista!

Glossa doing what they do and doing it well. Putting the garter in place, a perfect job for a little sister. 😉While I was processing this image it occurred to me that both of you have perfect lips. How lucky are your future kiddies!! Lots of bigView full post »

Orlando 2013

We did it. We took our first family trip to Disney World. It. Was. Awesome. And also exhausting. Very, very exhausting. At the last minute Adam and I decided to suck ut up and fly because our kids are demons in the car. A trip to Columbus isView full post »

Kristina & Scott.

I’m constantly saying to clients, “cuddle it up, yo!” Well done. 🙂 Look at your pretty faces! Until I was processing these images, I didn’t realize that you switched your yellow pants for a yellow shirt. 🙂 Good work onView full post »


What a smooth, easy senior session this was! Leanne was a pro, as you’ll see. We picked a perfect day and location to show fall. She had 3 completely different looks because her awesome hair stylist came along with us! How nice! I love allView full post »

The Glanklers.

Because of these lovely people, all the happiness below was able to happen. How proud Mom and Dad must be to look around them and know they helped create most of these beautiful people. THE CUTEST. This is what 63 yrs of marriage looksView full post »