Monthly Archives: March 2013

nikki and marty.

We decided a few days prior when seeing the forecast of snow/sleet that we would carry on the session as planned braving the potential elements. I mean, we live in the Midwest so a snow forecast could turn out 65/sunny!  The snow ended up beingView full post »

the brincks.

Maggie and Tony just built this big gorgeous home and I couldn’t wait to get inside to shoot their now, family of five! We started shooting this family when Luke was just a baby! 🙂 Candyland is apparently a family favorite. Ps. Maggie,View full post »


 To see the wonderful adoption story as his parents welcome him to America, click the image. Heart, Melanie.View full post »

the browns.

It’s already been a year since sweet Ainsley was born! Isn’t she beautiful?! And big bro, Liam, turned 3! What ridiculously cute looking children!! I felt it to be completely necessary to update this shot with the additionalView full post »


To the people who don’t believe in miracles, do you have to constantly fight to explain how instances can take place by facts instead of the hand of God? I’m regularly bombarded with spine chilling stories of near death experiencesView full post »