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And then I turned 30. And it was super fun. I’ve always wanted to be older than I am. (I just deleted 3 large paragraphs about my struggle with growing up and not fitting in. It sounded way too “woe is me” and I didn’t likeView full post »


Seniors pictures these days are nothing like what they used to be. I don’t know, maybe in 15 years they’ll look back on theirs like we do and think they’re cheesy too. But it just seems like each session I do, I’m able toView full post »


I’ve only been waiting to do these senior photos for abooout 3 yrs now? Maddie’s mom, Amy, and I became friends when she helped me with a lot of the fundraising back when Rachel was sick. (If you know Rachel personally, click thatView full post »

The McIntyres.

Ages ago, I met Mac on the soccer field. We used to play 2-3 games a week together. He up and married Jes, the younger sister of Jen, who I played soccer with even farther back in the day. Before I knew it they had Brayden, shortly after Riley andView full post »

The Rueves.

These are some of my favorite people right here. We don’t see each other often, but when we do, I love the time spent with them. Such sweet, faith filled, genuine people. You can’t help but smile the whole time they are in yourView full post »

The Broxtermans.

Katie and Tony have been around these parts quite a few times. Now the reason is another addition! Introducing sweet Olivia. Owen has become the sweetest and cutest little boy! I was very impressed with his coordination. He was hilarious withView full post »

Billy & Kelly.

4.5 yrs ago when I called Billy to tell him I was knocked up with Nori, his reaction was super sweet. We went on to talk about how much he wanted kids and how he was dating Kelly and he could totally see her being his baby mama. And now here theyView full post »

The Slicers.

This boy, sweet delectable Sam, is adorable. Half way through the session I was over it, I just had to zerbert him. He’s as squishy as you’d imagine. And his giggle is perfection. Ha! Ryan and Leah are in between homes and staying atView full post »