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Yearsss ago, Nonni gave Brittany, Ali and I (so many of her gifts have always come in 3’s since childhood) these snowman kits for Christmas. It’s always sat at our fireplace sealed, until this year! I walked in from a session a fewView full post »

Merry Christmas 2013!

We like to dress up around here, this is no secret. We take holidays seriously. Coming up with a vision and agreeing on it, is the hardest part.  Once we agree, then it’s finding the time to execute. You know it’s hella impossible forView full post »

The Nunerys.

After multiple tries at getting some 3yr pics of Olivia, Uncle Ben had a brilliant idea. Probably the best idea he’s ever had since knowing me. (Other than painting their bathroom a bold color against my sister’s wishes.) He asked meView full post »