Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ari & Ezra Round 2

Their announcement! Adam did a wonderful job designing it, because he’s amazing like that. On the boys 1 month birthday, I decided to try again and take some more images of them since I was feeling much better physically and they wouldView full post »

Rome & Florence.

Seems as though it has already been a few months since we’ve been home from Europe and well, we haven’t shared anything. I guess we’ve been a lil busy. :0 Y’all know we shot in Switzerland but first we started with someView full post »

Ari & Ezra Round 1.

When the boys were a handful of days old, we took some newborn portraits. Maybe you don’t know this, unless of course you’ve ever had a newborn session, that they are long and tiring for all parties involved. Enter bonus baby! DoubleView full post »