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Halloween 2015.

Alice In Wonderland! So fun! I knew this costume before last years Halloween even happened. Twin boys would make perfect Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! Because I neeeed to use my hands creatively as often as possible, I knew I’d be making myView full post »

The Gaffeys.

Figured I might as well start this off with some ridiculous cuteness! Fist bump! Joseph turned one a couple months ago! That sweet little face and those big blue eyes!! Mama was the only one who could get some good smiles outta the littleView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Robertson!

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for some time now. When I met Keara (her real name is Denise, but it seems most call her Keara, so I rolled with it) her looks immediately got my attention. Being an artist, I’ve alwaysView full post »

The Moores.

Graham and Maris look so much alike! Maris was on the go. Jill said that just a couple weeks before the session she became an “independent toddler”. Basically we spent the whole session chasing after her. 🙂 After quite a few minutesView full post »

The Jordans.

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I have a family session that I leave saying, “Welp, that was easy!” Will was such a happy little boy and smiled with such little effort by any of us. What a social personalityView full post »

The Youngs.

Choosing a blog title for extended family sessions like this are always hard for me to stay on brand. So the most common last name is the winner! The family has all grown quite a bit since the last session! The last time I shot the Carles, it wasView full post »


::Our Beautiful Beginnings site is acting up, so I get to share Charlotte here!:: This sweet little girl took her time baking past her EDD, unlike her big bros early arrivals. This may just be the perfect indicator of who the new boss is in theView full post »

The Smiths.

In the Spring, Lori messaged me, “I guess I’m following your lead and knocking out two babies at once, we’re having twins!”  I was so pumped for her! They didn’t find out the genders and I was SO anxious to hear whatView full post »