Monthly Archives: January 2016

A&E 1st Birthday Party.

People have always dropped into our house over the years on New Years Day. This year we had a special reason to celebrate! My party planning started exactly 48hrs prior and decorating consisted of some crepe paper, some balloons taped to the wallView full post »

The Vehrs.

I got to spend Sunday with Gus while he was recovering from his First Birthday party hangover. He was unsure of being on the table, clearly it was a first time for him. As a mother of a 4yo boy, I assure you, this will NOT be the last time.View full post »

One. One. Four. Six.

Even before we had 4 kids, life was crazy during holidays and wrapping up Fall, our busiest photography time of the year. We were blessed to be able to plan our kids during Winter, our slowest season, thank God, because ain’t nobody payingView full post »

The Berkemeiers.

These pretty girls, Hazel and Violet, were born on New Years Eve as well! It was crazy because Emily had her birth scheduled and I was so jealous she had an end in sight and before the New Year! And then I ironically went into labor the same day!View full post »

Little Red Bird Studio: Slouchy Hats.

The last time I blogged my friend, Brenda’s work, was when Nori was modeling the NoJo. Brenda is a childhood friend who has been working her arse off on this business of hers. Now her work is sold in various stores around Cincinnati like TheView full post »

Ari & Ezra 1-12mths

I started this project with Nori when she was one week old. After 3months of doing it for her, Adam says, “are you really going to do this every month?” because he knew how much of a production it was for me to set up and break downView full post »