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Bella and I had fun wandering the city streets looking for places she could enhance with her beauty. So pretty! I always feel a little bad when I have people lean against crusty walls, but that texture is why we shoot downtown! The second halfView full post »

The Tibbs.

Well lets just go ahead and dig right in with the adorableness that is Isla. Sally and Nick have been sweethearts forever! I’m hoping next time I see the Tibbs gang it’ll be for ahemmmmtheirwedding. I couldn’t let the prettyView full post »

The Niehauses.

Grand triplets! Ava and Ollie on the right are twins but they are just a couple weeks apart from Eddie! Eddie P in the hizzzouse. Uncle Pat is a funny guy. We just handed the babies off to him when they got grumpy and he found theirView full post »

The Farnhams.

This big girl is officially 1! Gwen is back still smiling so huge and now walking all over! Because she didn’t want to be held, so Kara put her down. :0 “Hooray for meeee!” “You want me to stand here like dis? Nah, immaView full post »

The Fraziers.

Mila and Nica are two active little ladies. When they walked up in these fancy little dresses, I did NOT expect to be soon rolling around in the grass with them! Somehow they managed to stay beautiful the whole session! “Go stand over thereView full post »

Dr. and Mrs. North!

I’ve been waiting for this wedding foreverrrr. Kelsey has been sweetly following along my work for years and it’s so exciting for me to shoot big supporters like her (and her sister, Brit!). I shot hers and Williams engagement sessionView full post »

Topsail 2017.

The first morning all 17 of us were up, fed, dressed and ready before 7. Well, actually every morning and that included a pretty involved breakfast. HAHA. Vacation is so relaxinnnng! They sprint down the steps and ran to the ocean like it wasView full post »

The Pace Circus on the Beach!

These two monkeys! They’re 2.5 and 1 part cute and 1 part rotten. I asked them to stand close and to put their arms around each other. Somehow that translated to Ari to hold his brother face, maybe even his ear? Hams, I tellView full post »