Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Roses.

Oh, you know, just chilaxin with my new baby bro! They’ll be scheming together before you know it! Wild hair for a wild girl. Suns out, guns out! I feel like I did a decent job of capturing Analia’s personality. She was either calmView full post »

The Wagenlanders.

Isla became a big sister to baby vera! I love this image. So much unspoken communication and love happening between Ellen and both her girls. Matty was doing a great job entertaining Isla while Ellen soothed/fed the babe! I took this exact shotView full post »

The Jeans.

This adorable family of 3 is soon to be 4! And the little “ladybug” is a she! EEEK! Lewis is never shy around me but this evening he just uninterested in me following him around. :0 But then he remembered the fun we have! No, buddy,View full post »

The Hines.

We rolled up to the park to some killer light rays. Like the angels were saying, “Ahhhhhhh.” Let’s be clear though, they weren’t screaming, they were singing.:0 Of course NaeNae and Papaw came because they’re equallyView full post »

The Vanderstelts.

Hayden is getting more and more handsome. It’s so easy to see him as a teenager now. Eek! The progression of Beckham’s mood over 1min. I told him we weren’t moving till he smiled. HAHAH. I win! That lean onto mom. HEARTView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Boyle!

A wonderful wedding day for two love birds up high at the Wiedemann Hill Mansion! It’s always a remarkable feeling when I’m given too much to work with regarding the beauty of the client on top of the surroundings. The sweetest. IView full post »

The Redmonds.

Three sisters. <3 I coached Kelsey (right) yrs ago and because she was the youngest, her sisters never came to games. I really never knew they existed till this day! Ha! The Redmonds wanted updated family photos, but it was really just thisView full post »

The Goetzes.

It had rained all day and became hot and muggy but they were in from Michigan and gosh darnit, we were doing it. And! It was successful with minimal tears! Winning! Desi seemed to be just what these Goetz sibs were missing. She’sView full post »