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Halloween 2018.

1980’s Pop Icons! Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi is dramatic with those lips and had it not been 1045p on a school night, we could have had more fun with this. :0 We normally do everything on the weekend before nursing home trick or treating but weView full post »

Halloween 2009-2018

Because everyone is always asking how to see all the Halloween costumes in one place. Here’s the group shot each year. You can always go to the Category option in tabs and choose “Halloween” to see all our closeView full post »


I just feel liiiiike…these youth of today are so lucky to skip right passed that awkward stage and right on to striking beauty thats it’s totally unfair. I mean, the gene pool is legit getting stronger and as a photog, I’m notView full post »

The Rewwers.

Isn’t this the most beautiful backdrop and set of people? You’d never know the nasty “used” items we kicked out of the way and better yet, that 50yrds out of frame was a taped off crime scene with a handful of lit cruisersView full post »

The Kerbers.

This cutie patootie was born a few weeks ago but with his head of hair, looks like he’s 6mths! Ben was quite the character. I love a kid who can attach themselves to me quickly so I don’t have to work for their laughter. We justView full post »

The Hafners.

It’s the time of year when we seek out any and every tree with color. Sometimes the only tree with personality at the park is in the middle of a parking lot and you just gotta figure out the angle and lighting to make it look magical. IView full post »


This beautiful girl, right here. Man oh man. It makes my heart skip a beat when I see the woman she’s become as I met her when she was a tiny little 5yo in my classroom. Like why do you look so mature?! You look like you’re easilyView full post »

The Hasselbecks.

Each Fall, Kellie arranges for me to come to her parents house and update the family pictures. The family grew by one little Xavier, this year! Francie is tall for not even being 5 but, she looks like a middle schooler with this pose! JulianView full post »