Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Cowells.

This sweet baby cakes! Reese Cup Marie has my entire family swooning, so I can’t even begin to imagine how the Glanklers and Cowells feel! Take note of that tongue on the left. If it’s not out, its cause we pushed it in. They’reView full post »

The Jacksons.

My titles on extended family sessions can always be a little confusing, but I typically choose the last name of the majority of the peeps. Sorry Ludwigs! 😆 But the gangs all here for Holly and Kevin! Carol was one of my teacher’sView full post »

The Smiths.

I spent the morning on the Smith’s property where they own nearly 100acres of land! Growing up on on this type of space must have been so fun! All the activities you can do in an expanse like that! Mom and Dad lookin hot! The girls wereView full post »

Gina & Josh.

These two hotties on a gorgeous spring day!!! It was so lovely! Well, minus the clusters of allll the people around the blossomed trees taking selfies.  Definitely could have done without that. 🙄 They brought their children along, who wereView full post »


Click HERE to see this little bunny’s just born images. 😍View full post »

The Days.

Looks like Adam and Pierson are outnumbered by the laaaaadiesss!! Little bird, Maia, made Lillian a big sister! She’s thrilled! Lil couldn’t stop touching her. 😍 I was taking the above image and totally focused in on Maia.View full post »

The Reids.

Finally got to meet Mr. Wyatt. I was supposed to be at the hospital for pics but all sorts of stress on Mom and baby stopped that from happening. Everything was better quickly in order to have a series of reschedules from sicknesses. The more kidsView full post »

The Habels.

These cool kids. 😍 Two sets of new parents! Added a fun aspect to shooting them this time! Trouble with a capital T. Three new kids this session! Can’t tell if I caught a smile or a fart. Hard to say.View full post »