Celebrating Nico Pico.

My favorite CakeMom made the cake for me. Thank God too because when I make cakes I’m typically still icing as guests arrive. And this

day I was gone the entire night til morning shooting a birth, had to clean and shop which left me negative 20 min to deal with a cake. I

absolutely love it. Perfection, Carrie! Thankssss!

When I picked the color theme, I hadn’t even realized my blue and green Christmas decor would be out in addition to the 3 colors being

the theme in our house. Schwing!

Adam printed out a life size Nico for the party. Nico found it to be pretty awesome. He’s still on the wall and I don’t want to take his happy

little face down. Likely will just add Nori for her party in a couple weeks. Ha!

As suspected, he dominated his cake. Adam only caught a snippet of it, but of course he tried to do what he always does with any food and

casually stick it down under his butt. It’s his thing and it drives me nuts. I think he just likes to have his food squished to his pants to save

for later. You will also notice me holding down his hands because on his actual bday he decided to extinguish the flame by smacking it. It

didn’t even phase him, hot melted wax on his hand and all. The only disappointment was that Aunt Ali wasn’t there to tell him to “wash his

hair.” A tradition she started with all the kids while eating their first bday cake. Others tried, he didn’t fall for it. Boo.

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Who is surprised the box was more exciting to him than the present?

He loves his Uncle Ben and well, Olivia can’t EVER keep her hands off him. So sweet. Most of the time.

Our friend Joe is a die hard baseball fan, along with the rest of my family.  He bought Nico his first pack of baseball cards.

Adam loved Nico’s response because neither of us care for baseball. HA!

Oliver and Nico. (The last time they had their pic taken together.)

Doesn’t every first bday party end like this? He was spent but still woke up in time to go to a Christmas party that night!

One of these days I’m going to format and finish his monthly images. One day, hopefully before he is two.

Heart, Melanie and Adam.

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