3 going on…

Yesterday our baby girl turned 3, though I swear she thinks she turned 23. This kid. There are so many words to describe this personality

too big for her petite little body. There are days that I lay in bed and think, “today was a good day, I didn’t even want to give Nori up

for adoption.” And then there are other days that we butt heads during every interaction we have. I know she’s just at “that age.” But

I’ve been told by too many now that she’s not like most kids. Her vocabulary and cleverness is so intense that I’m left picking my jaw

off the floor instead of correcting her. She knows it too.

Every day when she’s fully dressed she steps five feet away from me and poses. “Do I look beautiful Mommy? Do I look like I’m ready

for school?” (she doesn’t go to school yet.) Each day it’s some sort of variation and we go through our affirmations that she too is smart

and awesome, not just beautiful. It’s not in a conceited manner she does it though or else I’d put an end to it.

My heart!! They are BFFs. He adores her. Watching them play and chase each other, nothing makes my heart swell more. Though

there are times she’s not so nice to him, the rest of the time she’s his second Mommy. She has so many motherly instincts already.

She loves to take pics. For the last couple years it’s been her obsession. She tells me all the time, “Mom! Hurry! I’m going to be late for

my session! I have to go take pics of a baby.” Or she asks her subject to stand certain ways, make certain expressions. She also takes

pictures with our phones non stop. Good ones at that!

“Pose with me Mommy. Let’s be pretty for Daddy.”

I wish I had more one on one time with her. I absolutely love her company when it’s just the two of us. We have so much fun and it’s

like I’m talking to a friend and not a 2yr 3yr old. I just can’t give her the same kind of attention when Nico is around and then she acts out.

People tell me they both look like me. Yep, after this image, I totally agree.

We only have big parties for big birthdays. So last night both of our immediate families came over to celebrate. Wednesday night Nori and I

baked and decorated her cupcakes. Which she may or may not have dropped a few eggshells into. :0 Yesterday when she woke up she

couldn’t wait to celebrate with all her friends (cousins). On the left, “Mom take a funny picture of me because I’m this many now!”


Rachel and I assembled (and disassembled and reassembled again) this kitchen for her. It’s her bday and Christmas present from her

Papaw and Nonni Lee. This was her reaction when we brought her upstairs to see it. Priceless.


Adam printed off Nico’s portrait (which Nico ripped off the wall days later) and so Nori TOLD him she expected one of herself on her

birthday. I asked to take her picture next to it and this is what she did. The pose was unexpected and new. What am I going to do with her?!


Three years have flown by. The joy these kids bring into all of our lives is incredible.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for

her. Even if it’s me banging my head against the wall. She is no doubt going to be that kid in school that gets letters sent home from

the teacher. All. The. Time.  Can’t wait! :0 Heart, Mommy and Daddy.

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