Rock Pink Partay.

Another bday has passed for Ali and we continue to celebrate her legacy. She would have been 33 this year, strange really. A couple

hundred of us had a fun family picnic at the park. Raffles and auctions brought in money to cover the event and allow us to donate more

books with her legacy label in it to local hospitals, schools and libraries.

This year Ali kept the rain away for us, and gave us plenty of sweat and sunshine instead! Thanks for the photo bomb O. 🙂

Cake Moms graciously donated a crapton of delicious cakeballs and cupcakes again. Thanks so much Carrie! We love you!!

Ben made a new shirt for this year. Don’t you love it? He is thinking about doing another print run. I know a lot of my InstaGram friends

who couldn’t make it wanted one. We will figure that out later.

Forced smile anyone?

I don’t mean to take so many pics of this kid. But look at that face!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated, set up/broke down and helped work that day. We truly appreciate all of you. Having all of your

support makes it a little easier to cope daily. It’s nice to know how many of you love Ali and us. :-*

Heart, Melanie and the rest of the Tracy+ family.

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