NoJo is 5!

Our big girl turned five a few days before Christmas. I keep bdays super low key with just family, but this

timewe invited a few of Nori’s “big” friends. Adam printed this giant backdrop because Nori wanted a

photobooth. Ha! We went shopping a few days before and Nori picked out her sweater then says, “let’s go look

in maternity to see if you can find a matching outfit!!” Success. 🙂 (I was 33wks here)


The shot on the right makes me laugh because Adam and Eric unintentionally made the exact same face.


On the left. “ohhhh the lighhhht.”


Hahah. I stayed far away from the camera so I wasn’t around for any of this. Hopefully someone caught poor Mia. :0


She was mad zonked after just a couple hours of fun and yet we hadn’t even gone to the family Christmas party

planned for that evening.

L3inLove026I wish I could write more about how awesome of a kid she is and how damn helpful she was during my

pregnancy and how I can’t wait to watch her help the boys…but I have some new babies to attend to! Happy

birthday to my sweet girl. You rock. Heart, Mommy and Daddy.

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