The Grinkemeyers.

I knew this session was going to be hilarious and exhausting for everyone after only 30 seconds in when this little lady showed me her mischievous

smile then ran as fast as she could from her Moms. Oh, it’s gonna be like that, huh? Ok, Harper, I’ll accept your challenge…





It was swampy and hot in the sun, but totally worth it. 🙂 Also, I love that Lisa chose to look at Liz’s pretty smile instead of Reagan. At family sessions,

I always have to remind parents to acknowledge each others presence, but Lisa didn’t need the reminder. 🙂


Poor Lisa was the one with the blisters, but she carried Harpers shoes instead. What a good Mama!


I love this. Mostly I love it because if you saw the scene just before this and the girls ability to switch from OVER IT to perfectly happy,

it makes the image that much sweeter for me. All those great smiles make me grin too!


Reagan made it her mission to pick and have everyone smell every dandelion in sight. Joy in the simple things.



grinkemeyer024grinkemeyer026grinkemeyer027grinkemeyer029grinkemeyer030grinkemeyer031grinkemeyer032grinkemeyer033grinkemeyer034Though we were sweaty, tired and even bloody (?!), how perfect are these images?? Such genuine happiness written all over them! Great to see you

ladies and happy you didn’t throw in the towel because the extra effort was so worth it! Have a great summer swimmin with your girlies!

Heart, Melanie.

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