The Paces.

A session just in time for all their birthdays as Charlee to turns 1, Nolan 4 and Pax 6. Too old, too fast.


Erin found some private property I haven’t trespassed on in downtown, a rare occasion for me. :0


How big are you, CC?


Entertaining the boys as CC had a snack. “Swing me too, Dadddddy!”



Love this shot of you, Aunt E. So pretty!


She mostly just likes Mommy. :0


Mommy saved her from her mean old Daddy trying to hold her. Bahaha.


Switched lenses and looked up to see Eric acting out one of his favorite Nacho Libre scenes. You should definitely click the link. 🙂




After I finished shooting downtown, Adam and our circus met us at a park. We haven’t updated the cousin pic since the 3 babies were born!


I said to Eric while I was reviewing the shots to make sure I got some good ones, “I can’t believe how much they all look alike!”

“Well, Adam and I have the same DNA, soooo remember they’re all half siblings.” “Touche.”



A few months ago I shot a family with grown identical boys. I asked them to get together and they did this same thing. And funny because

my comment to them was, “my husband and his brother would do the same thing when I ask them to take a picture together.” And then,

shocker, they did. Oy.


Updating the A&E Pace twins image. 🙂

pace028pace034If you look closely, you’ll see Nico’s legs. The gray blob behind Nolan was Ari who couldn’t keep up and got trampled. Oh boys.


Good work, Team Pace. Happy birthday all you cute little kids! Heart, Aunt Mel.

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