The Vandemarks

My favorite part of winter is to see all the bare trees silhouetted in the sky. Especially in the sunset, but on a gray day, a clear sky looks just as cool.

Put a preggie in that mix and YESSS!

<3 <3

Oh, hey gorgeous!!

I love green backgrounds, but this is just as beautiful!!

We were cracking up because she was so responsive to me. That head tilt is as cute as her hair cut!

It went from, “is that rain we hear?” to it’s pouring…in about a minute.

But you know I’m not scared of water!

And neither were they!

That smiiiirk! Girl, you’re stunning!

Baby girl is so loved!

Way to hang in there and go with it! This is just the beginning of such a wild ride ahead! Enjoy it! Heart, Melanie.

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