The Denos.

Sloane is here! Sloane is here! Ok, actually she’s been here a few months but with the crazy of the holidays, I just got to meet her!

:0  Mini Craig was worth the wait!! I’m not the only one saying that either! It was a long road for this little blessing to come into

Craig and Laura’s life. Lots of heart ache and defeat took them down a long road of infertility. But they hung in there. Laura never

lost sight of the end goal even through injection after injection. And finally, a little embryo became a beating heart inside Laura’s

womb! Along with all the anxiety they faced, feather after feather fell from the sky to their feet with impeccable timing. Such sweet

stories they can share of their personal Godwinks. And not to brag about my sister and her pull up in Heaven, buuut they prayed

through Ali consistently from the very beginning of the journey. And wouldn’t you know as Ali’s 5th angelversary approached before

their EDD, Laura and I joked that Ali would be a show off and Sloane would be born on the day to be like, “ya, I’ve been listening to y’all!”

 Sure enough labor started in the evening of 11/3 but it wasn’t until morning that Sloane arrived! We just chuckled together, as we are

never surprised how life works out. And now here they are, wondering how they ever lived without her!

She was going to lay her on her belly for me but instead locked her legs and was all, “I’m walking!”

LRBStudio dress!

If it wasn’t a feather keeping them calm, it was a cardinal. So naturally, red birds fly around Sloane’s room. 🙂

Meanwhile Chloe searches for attention outside their house. ahaha.

I could have moved all the “stuff” sitting there but then I said, nope! This is Laura’s life, her repetitive mundane, the station where she

sits and works so hard to nourish her baby. You’re in the thick of it now, Laura, but soon enough you’ll look at these pics and partly

laugh and partly cringe at what you once went through.

She was destined for dimples!

<3 <3 <3

Another January day in the mid 50s! I’m certainly not mad about it!

YES! You’re as pretty as you were on your wedding day, Laura!!

I know I said it so many times through your journey, but I just knew God would make it happen. So…told you so! 😉 But I’m glad

you knew it in your hearts too and were patient for His timing. She’s so precious. Loved seeing you guys! Xo.

Heart, Melanie.

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