The Paces.

Sunflares are sexy, especially when it works out to get the right (flattering) angle with the right lens and a full rainbow can be achieved. Shooting

directly into the sun is tricky, so I was pretty excited when I realized I could make this work! Who doesn’t love a rainbow?

I was giggling at Nolan because not many boys choose the hands on hips pose, but he looked so darn cute doing it! His reaction to me

mimicking him and being silly, on the right. <3

CC didn’t want to stand by herself, so mama was happy to step in wither lil lady.

<3 <3

Love this!

I was coming in fast for those bellies! “Don’t get me Aunt Mel!”

I have no idea why the Twin Lakes at Eden was drained, but it made a great place to play in the sun!

Meanwhile this one started sneaking off because we all were distracted with Eric spinning the boys. This was her rotten “caught in the act” face. HAHA!

We went to Eden because they just celebrated their 10yr anniversary and that’s where they had portraits done. In this spot, their nearest and dearest

stood next to them pledging our support in their marriage for years to come. And now they have their own little minions standing by their side! The shot

on the left was a recreation, the best I could remember, from a wedding portrait in that spot. Still as hot as ever!

Remember how I said when you were building your house that you should put a big canvas of a timeless image in your stairwell landing? THIS.

Years just keep flying by. It’s baffling to really think about all that has happened in the last 10yrs because it all seems like just yesterday!! Bittersweet. Love y’all.

Heart, Melanie.

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