I started out at the Heierts for a couple yearly family pics! Seeing this family laugh together, never gets old.

::heart eyes::

I don’t think they could be anymore beautiful!!

Ashtyn and I headed to town because now she’s a “sen18r” according to how I saw the kids tagging walls in Puerto Rico. :0 Clever! We started

here because Crissyhas this thing with street murals and I love it! Her Warhol suggestion was perfect.

Adam said to me before I left, shooting Ashtyn is going to be as easy as walking down the street. 100% exactly right. Effortless beauty.

Those eyes are stunning, but when the sun’s glimmer caught them just right, WOW!

I had to keep saying to her that her serious face was so incredibly gorgeous but I HAD to get smiling pics too! LOL. She was actually more

confident with her relaxed face and she said it felt more awkward for her to smile. So odd for me but I loved it!

I had no idea they had painted this underpass so it was such a fun surprise for us to find.

Having a goofy girl to play around with made the painting so much more fun!

This is funny and worth sharing. We were crossing the bridge to Ohio and I saw this teal building. I slaaaammed on my brakes because I’m a super

cautious driver not distracted at all by pretty background  and reversed to see if there was a path to get to it. Sho enough there was, but

once we got down there I disliked her blue shirt against this teal so I looked at her with uncertainty and up to my car illegally flashing hazards

pulled over, then back to her and coyly asked, soooo how do you feel about changing real quick behind the dumpster because your black will

look way better on this wall! She giggled and said, sure! WIN!

After sprinting through the motions we got back to my car only to see across the road a black and white design which she would perfectly compliment!

Nothing like playing Frogger in and out of traffic to get one (helluva) shot. :0

I think Ashtyn suggested the bridge to bring out her eyes. 😉

We chased the sun. Literally. Like rubbernecking down each alley till it led us to a factory parking lot/highway on ramp, where we cursed the sun for being trapped

behind dark clouds!  Nevertheless, the soft back light was still enhancing her beauty so we stayed. We laughed as I-75 North was buzzing directly behind her and

you can truly shoot anywhere so long as you know what you’re confident in controlling the situation!

Someone PLEASE get this girl an agent!!!!

The sun was more than set and street lights were on but. I. Couldn’t. Stop. I could have shot this face another 4 days!

Crissy and Chris are so lucky this girl is so intelligent and has her head on straight because they’d be in SO much trouble!!

There was a man “washing his windows” in front of us on the street and it was so incredibly obvious he was just looking for any reason to watch the pretty girl pose.

Like, bro, you’ve been “wax on and wax off-ing” that single car window for ten minutes. We’re onto you.

I’m so excited for your future, Ashtyn! I hope you explore your talent in the art world!! You come by it naturally and can easily do big things. Good luck to you

and I can’t wait to follow along! Heart, Melanie.

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