The Lyons.

Nora and Diegan tried to play off like they were sibling enemies, but you could easily tell that they were far from

being too cool for each other as they giggled the entire time they were all, “Eww get away! Don’t touch me!”

Nora is active so don’t be fooled, BUT she did relax for a quarter second on Mommy’s lap. So there is proof of quiet fleeting

moments that happen. 🙂

Diegan and Daddy were patiently waiting while I snapped the ladies, so may as well get these handsome guys!

It was like the ray of light was just for them!

Grouuuuup huuuuug! LOVE!!

The magical sun popped out for a hot 3minutes!

“Done! Finally!”

Good to see you again! Hope the kiddies have a great school year! Heart, Melanie.

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