The Broxtermans.

The day I shot the Broxtermans, I was very glad it was them as the clients. I was completely without a voice but the fact I’ve shot them year

after year for so long, they just get me. So thankful for that sync we share that morning and not having to yell out detailed instructions!

I’d like you to grow out Owens hair so we can see the incredible genes at work here.

Little angel faces! When people have pretty eyes, I like to take relaxed faces so I don’t lose their eyes with the smile!

Those teeny laugh lines appearing, I adore them. You both have earned them with the amount of smiling you’ve done over the years. The best!!

I love them.

I said to Liv, “My goodness, you’re so tall up there! You look like a cheer leader!” Her response was this. 🙂 Also, the shot on the right of

you two, why have we never conquered the height difference with this pose? It’s perfect! You’re both so pretty!

I loved catching up with you, even though you couldn’t understand most of my words. Dang allergies. This session would have

been a bust had it been anyone else! Good work!

Heart, Melanie.

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